I am pleased to introduce cub polar bear Olympius. He is a polar bear with a very kind expression! He is movable and able to sleep! He is a bear with a very soft belly! The bear is able to open or close his eyes and his mouth! This bear is for hugs! More pictures in the album below. Click on picture to enlarge.

 Standing height is 23,62 " (60 cm). Sitting height is 19"(48 cm).  Bear’s weighs is 2 kg (about 4.4 lb). Bear made of very soft  and so gently Japanese Alpaca with long pile (3.5 cm/1.38 inch). 4- way jointed.  The bear has plastic spine (lock line) in arms, legs and body. He has been designed to sit, stand or lay in a multitude of posing possibilities! 

Bear’s glass eyes have movable lids above and fixed lids below. Bear can open and close his eyes as well as his leather mouth with tongue and teeth. This bear has a flexible lower lip and corners of its mouth.Teeth are made of Plastic. He has teeth on the upper and lower jaw.  His nose,  paw pads and tongue are made of Silicone. Nose, tongue and paw pads are soft to the touch as a nose and a tongue of real animal. Claws are handmade of Polymer clay.  Bear is filled with fiber-fill and rubber pellets. OOAK. This bear is for hugs.